Infographic - Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs on Vacation

Bed bugs could care less how swanky your accommodations are. They are just as likely to infest a five star hotel as a one star motel, and vacation rentals are just the same. The infographic below can help you check all the spots these pesky critters like to live and hide, either on your next vacation or in your own home.

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Infographic - Don't let bed bugs crash your summer vacation!


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Shannon Russo

Written by Shannon Russo

Shannon has been with Pestex since early 2016 in Customer Support and Marketing. She has a passion for sharing the Pestex team's extensive knowledge and experience in pest and wildlife control, with a focus on preventative programs and chemical-free solutions to lessen the impact of pesticides on the public and the environment. She also loves gardening for pollinators, butterflies and hummingbirds.